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Pigmy Duocorn

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The Pigmy duocorn (Suinamaeus duocornis) is one of the species, created by Grandmage Goras Longmoon and Necroarch Fabian Ataleon from The Sleeping Dragon School of Magix.

This mount is tough, sturdy and unpretentious. Its hooves and furry legs allow it stable footing on snow and sand, and even on rocky slopes, making the Duocorns into versatile and agile mounts. They are omnivorous and won’t shy away from the occasional piece of meat but will be in good shape on a vegetarian diet too.

The females give birth to up to 15 cornlets and may be bred twice a year but the initial spell on the species needs to be renewed for each new litter so the Duocorns cannot proliferate in the wild at all (or as an invasive species they would have been a serious threat to the ecosystems of the Aragon continents).

Currently the biggest duocorn stables and military providers are Solitus Farms in Oakencape on Mynorath and Picorna Ridery in Halcyon, on Grommdor.

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Pigmy Duocorn