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Subrace: Nordrim

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19.99 €

Molberon liked the most the lush and fruitful White Garden and set its First Kingdom there. Dunn’char chose for its people the beautiful Nordra Valley, on the Northern rim of the continent, and with time its Humans grew into mighty warriors, trained by the monsters and the dangers of the North: the tall and fair Nordrim, the ones who, from an early age, see the dance of the Light overhead and know for sure that Order and Chaos go hand by hand; the ones who can cleave in half a grown Northern Serpent but care for each newly hatched one, and can fell one-handed a Great Ice Fir but fend for each small sapling in the woods and so their hearts burn hot and true. 

*The Nordrim race is a one-time purchase and is purely cosmetic, you receive it with both Male and Female models, as well as the class options of the standard Human race.

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This product will be available to you in all public tests as well!
Subrace: Nordrim