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Goldenride Mount

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The Goldenrides (called also Goldfish) are a domesticated variety of the Froscan carps, native to the Froscan Lakes in Central Grommdor.

As all other species in the Cyprinidae family, they are omnivorous and are bottom-eaters, which makes them a very important part of the lakes’ biome.

The Froscan carps are still numerous in the wild and some colored varieties are common in the fresh-water lakes on Mynorath as well.

The Goldenrides are widely used for transportation on both continents, and currently the best ranked Orcish sports fishery in the vicinity of Twoport Gorramat, swimming riders in both Lake Graven and Froscan Lakes, is Krugrimm-ogh-Nanakot, owned by the former Chief Nanakot’s family, may his soil give abundant fruits.

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Goldenride Mount