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Turbo Snail Mount

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The Quicksters, known also as Turbo snails, belong to a shell-less taxonomic class of invertebrates called Gastropoda. A native species of the former White Garden on Grommdor, they are carnivorous, have a mildly venomous bite, and play an important role in the ecology of Aragon as predators and carrion-eaters. Since White Garden turned to Deep Swamps, the wild Quicksters became almost extinct and can still be found only in small areas next to the Red Waste. The Quicksters had been domesticated by the Humans during the 1st Demonic war and quickly became one of the most widely used riding animals for humid climates. Currently, they are the preferred mounts in the combat conditions of Frengorn Jungle and the Southern parts of Moon Forest. The leading snailry of the Humans today is Barkentorp Knight’s Quickracers in Wheaten Fold, Primrose Range, Mynorath.

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Turbo Snail Mount